My Trim, Healthy Pregnancy- 28 Weeks

28 week date nite with my hubs
28 Weeks!

My 28 week THM pregnancy with little lady #2 and some tips for giving up caffeine and all sweeteners! Lol, this pregnancy is making me crazy!!!

Whew! We made it to the third trimester!! Yay!!!! So thankful! It’s been an interesting last month. In addition to running every 2-3 days and doing 20 minute prenatal exercise videos on the off days, I completely gave up coffee and sugar/sweeteners. Yup… all of them!

Yah, I guess I’m a little crazy. The bottom line is that I was tired and struggling with prenatal depression (which is a totally irrational thing– you can’t really talk yourself out of those insane, weepy feelings). And when you’re desperate, sometimes you’re willing to make drastic changes to see if it’ll help.

Final result? So mild improvement in energy and mood, so I’ll take it.

But my weight gain has slowed down significantly! Just a pound or two that comes and goes, but overall staying with a 20 pound weight gain at 28 weeks.

How do you survive without any sweeteners or coffee while 28 weeks pregnant? Here’s my top tips:

  • Add Baobab! I’ll go into more detail on this super fruit soon, but baobab powder comes from a tree in Africa and is chock full of nutrients! It’s high in iron to nourish red blood cells and vitamin C to boost the absorption of iron increase the immune system. The high amounts of potassium and fiber are great for muscles and that common pregnancy malady, constipation. It is quite tart all by itself, but it’s easy to add to smoothies. This was my one exception to the no sweetener rule this month– I added a touch of xylitol (for good dental health) to my morning baobab and mixed both in some warm peach oolong tea every morning to replace my daily cup of Joe. I snagged my Baobab from Walmart for $9/bag since I can never quite pick it up quick enough from the THM website before it sells out!
  • Crush some Kefir! Yay, kefir! Kefir is a fermented, yogurt-based drink that has percolated so long that the good bacteria have actually eaten the lactose, or milk carbs, in it and it’s known as dairy free. It’s much higher in probiotics than yogurt, and probiotics are important for good gut health. And over 80% of our neurotransmitters rely on good gut health for good serotonin/dopamine/norepinephrine development. So if you struggle with mood, too, adding in some kefir at bedtime can be a great addition to your happy diet! Taking probiotics at bedtime allows them to absorb better, and usually helps move things along in the morning which is always appreciated when you’re pregnant.
  • Talk to friends. I know this one seems obvious, but in the dark days of the second trimester, it was hard to think clearly enough to reach out for encouragement or help. It took me a while to realize that this overwhelming sadness and urge to cry all day every three days was actually prenatal depression, and then it took me even longer to feel comfortable sharing. We don’t have to be Super Woman, and we don’t have to do this alone. I have a sweet friend who is also pregnant and due 7 weeks after Little Lady #2, and chatting with her once every week or two has made a huge difference! She’s actually been struggling with similar emotions, and realizing I’m not alone and that some of this is normal (plus, covering each other in prayer support) has been huge! So, try to find someone who is going through or has been through something similar, stop trying to do all the things and be all the things to everyone, and enjoy some girl time over a cup of tea.
  • Good enough” is the new good. During certain seasons of life, it’s okay to admit that good enough can be both good and enough. When you’re facing health challenges or adjusting to a new season in life, sometimes getting the basics done is enough. It can be good to not over-extend yourself, and you may benefit from taking extra time to relax or rest and heal. I’m rotating which bathroom I clean every week instead trying to get them all done every week (sorry, any surprise guests!). We have lots of crockpot meals and simple suppers instead of trying new things all the time. Momma needs to rest, so my toddler and I read books on the couch a lot and watch way too much Daniel Tiger. For this season, good enough is my new good, and I’m letting go of my perfectionist guilt. However, I do feel better if I do a quick 10 minute decluttering of the countertops and tables before my husband gets home in the evenings. So, do what you can and what helps you to feel better!

How are you? What helps you get through unexpectedly stressful seasons of life?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments (pretend we’re having baobab tea 🙂


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