My Trim, Healthy Pregnancy- 20 Weeks

baby2 is a girl

Sorry for the silence– life’s been a little crazy with Hurricane Irma and growing a baby and working on our home businesses! I’ll start with the best news first– Baby #2 is a girl!!! Yay!! And now I feel better about all the pink gear that I splurged on when I was preggo with the first! Woohoo! Another princess of the castle! And she looked great, healthy, and busy at her 18 week ultrasound!

We’re soooo thankful for a healthy baby!

In other news, it’s been a tough month. I’m up to about 11 pounds of weight gain (it fluctuates a little from day to day). And while that’s an okay number, it’s twice as much as I had gained with my first at this time. Both pregnancies I’ve been following the Trim, Healthy Mama plan.

I’ve also had more pregnancy symptoms longer with this one. You name it, I’ve got it… Nausea, heartburn, headaches, fatigue, food aversions, super-power sense of smell (especially for hubby’s workout clothes), mood swings, pelvic pressure, utter lack of motivation to do anything, and acne (for good measure :P). I kept thinking that things would pass after the first trimester, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case this time. I’m trying to mentally prepare that this just might be how life is for another 20+ weeks.

I’ve been 90% on plan. I’m craving potatoes 19 week photoin any form– chips, fries, baked, mashed. And I know we can have an occasional white potato when we’re at goal weight, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean the daily consumption that I’ve been practicing… 😛

Thoughts for when you’re working the plan and it doesn’t seem like it’s working…

  1. Different baby, different pregnancy- This is the mantra that my OB keeps telling me at my appointments! Haha, I find that I have been muttering it to myself, too, and you know what? It kind of helps! I think I’m finally starting to accept that maybe I’m just not going to feel great this pregnancy (despite staying mostly on plan with THM), and it’s okay that this is different. Thankfully, Baby Girl is super healthy… hopefully I’ll feel that way again, too, someday!
  2. Maybe things are better than they could be?- My sweet and supportive husband pointed out recently that maybe I would feel even worse if I didn’t eat on plan. Haha, not sure what feeling worse would look like, so I think I’ll keep eating on plan! ;o)
  3. It might be working in ways you don’t see- If you, too, feel like you’re trying really hard and you’re not getting the results you wanted, maybe you’re getting results that you can’t see. I recently had some screening labs done for insurance purposes (they were fasting labs and usually pregnant ladies don’t have them done since they can change drastically when preggo), and my body rocked it!! I had a fasting blood sugar and cholesterol panel, and there was no indication of any pregnancy-related rise in either! My good cholesterol was amazing, and my triglycerides (which can reflect additional sugar storage, so this is also an indirect indication of blood sugar levels) were fabulous! Yay! Glad my body’s doing well on paper!
  4. What to do when you crave potatoes- Potatoes are great sources of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, and pantothenic acid. No wonder why I’m craving them?! I’ve been tired, and potatoes are chock-full of b vitamins (B6, niacin, pantothenic acid). B vitamins work more effectively as a family, so you get more benefits if you take them together. Potatoes can be pretty high on the glycemic index, so it’s possible that the body is craving some glucose when you want potatoes. I’m going to work on getting in at least 1 E meal and 1 snack a day to see if that helps. I’ll also keep exploring other options that will satisfy my cravings. When I do eat a white potato, I make sure that the meal is firmly anchored in protein.
  5. Add in something you love that you know is good for you- After getting the okay from my OB, I’ve added running back into the mix. This is sooo good for my stress levels and emotions! I haven’t run in almost a year, but adding in a super slow, 20 minute jog has been making a huge difference in my energy and emotional levels! Can you paint your nails or buy splurge on some raspberries (I always crave fresh raspberries when preggers but try to refrain from spending a small fortune on them!). Putting some happy back in your day (even if nothing sounds fun right now, think of the stuff that you used to like) and try it!

Wishing you a happy, energetic week!!! Haha, maybe I’ll be there someday, too! :o)


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