My Trim, Healthy Pregnancy: 16 Weeks

Whew! Glad to have made it this far, and I seem to need to remind myself frequently that pregnancy is a means to a wonderful end! Already anxious to meet this little one!

The last two weeks have been an interesting journey of learning and experimenting. I wish I could report that I’m having a super-amazing, THM pregnancy with no noticeable weight gain and glowing skin. {{Whhhant-whann}}…. not quite yet! This is the real pregnancy update from a Momma trying desperately to stay on plan and feel like a somewhat normal human being. I’ll let you know when I find that amazing, glowing, low weight gain, energetic, on plan, Trim Healthy Mama pregnancy!16 weeks shot.jpg

For right  now, I need to keep looking for it!

I’m up to 7-8 pounds of weight gain at 16 weeks, but I hit as high as 10 pounds gained last week! I’ve learned a few things that I’d love to share in case they help any other Mamas out there!

  1. I was eating way too many crossovers! Crossovers were creating a significant improvement in my energy levels, so I was going to town on them! And so was my weight gain! I switched back to more pure E and S meals (heavy emphasis on the E’s for continued energy) instead of XO’s for Every. Single. Meal. It definitely helped!
  2.  Along the same lines, I ate more E meals! I’m already a carboholic, so E meals are pretty E-asy for me (sorry, couldn’t resist!). The foods in E meals tend to be lighter in calories (you know, like cottage cheese instead of a Quarter Pounder with cheese ;). Don’t worry, we’re still having plenty of lovely S meals and I’m eating plenty of calories/food. But being aware of lighter fare can help slow down rapid weight gain.
  3. I leaned on deep S meals more than heavy S ones. I still love me some sour cream. but I focused on salads with chicken legs (the crispy lickin chicken from the original cookbook is my fav!). I’ve also cut back on desserts that are heavy on nuts and opted for ones with more coconut oil (like these fabulous 2 minute paleo cupcakes– feel free to change the honey for an on-plan sweetner and add a touch of water if needed).
  4. Keeping at least 2 hours in between meals/snacks. Ummm… I struggle with this! Some days, I’m pretty sure Baby’s working hard on popping out an arm, and I need to eat all the time to keep Baby’s, err, or my, energy up. I’ve been writing down when I eat and what type of fuel I’ve had to hold myself accountable and to reduce my tendency towards being a Grazing Grace. When I’m truly starving, I add in a fuel pull snack to pull me through (haha, sorry, couldn’t resist!).
  5. I need a little more sumthin-sumthin to keep me full with E meals sometimes. I feel like the classic answer is “add more protein to your E meal to feel fuller longer.” Sometimes that works for me, but I feel like an entire can of tuna should be enough protein, thank you very much. Adding volume can help me make it through to the 2-3 hour mark without eating my own arm. I love making blueberry milk (switch out the strawberries from the strawberry milk recipe in the original cookbook), adding a ton fuel pull veggies to my meal (current favs are cucumbers, pickles, a salad, and celery), and making sure I get a full 45g carbs in the meal.

Hope that some of this helps and that you’re doing well!


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