Caramel Iced Coffee (Low Carb and Low Fat, THM FP or Low Carb, Sugar-Free, THM S)

stock iced coffeeEven though school may have already started here in the Southeast, it’s still summer in my mind! With the warm summer days still hanging around here in South Carolina, I’ve switched to iced coffee this week. I love all of the sweet, creamy cold drinks from Starbucks, but they sure can add up to put a dent in my wallet and extra calories on my hips! So, I created this low carb, THM S, caramel iced coffee to satisfy my sweet tooth and my budget!

One of my favorite features of our house might be that it’s within walking distance to a Starbucks… but I digress!

My love of coffee began years ago in college. I tutored the football team and used to grab a poor woman’s cappuccino (hot coffee, half and half, flavored syrup, and whipped cream on top) in between appointments. It was a delicious energy boost. I’ve always loved coffee for the caffeine and what I can put into it.

My husband spent a few months in Costa Rica right before we got married. For a wedding present, he brought me several bags of Costa Rican coffee and large, burlap coffee bags for decorating. Best wedding present ever!

When I started my Trim, Healthy Mama journey, I was used to drinking 1-2 cups of

my iced coffee.jpg
Perfect pick-me-up for a rainy, summer morning!

French press coffee with commercial, flavored creamer in it. One of the big struggles with THM can be finding the right substitute for that creamer! Everyone’s taste buds are a little different, and they will change the longer you’ve been on plan and off the sugar roller coaster. I find, too, sometimes it helps to try something a little different than to recreate your absolute off-plan favorite. It seems to change expectations, and you might even find a new favorite.

So, if you usually drink hot coffee, you might want to try this iced coffee for a fun, summer twist. I actually prefer it to Starbucks now! Be sure to use very strong coffee since the ice cubes will dilute it a bit. Also, I prefer this with a dark roast coffee.

I make my coffee super-strong using 2 Tbl of coffee to 9 ounces of water. I also sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the grounds (it can help to regulate blood sugar levels and adds some sweet flavor without calories) and a dash of salt (according to Alton Brown, salt reduces the bitterness of coffee). Also, my favorite sweetner for coffee (hot or iced) is Trader Joe’s liquid stevia. I also like Sweet Drops flavored sweetners (you can sub for that and drop the caramel extract).

Keep reading for the fuel-pull version of this caramel iced coffee. I had to revise the recipe and turn it into a low carb, low fat version when I realized that I was packing on the pounds from this addictive deliciousness! I was turning my morning coffee into an all-morning sipper (does this happen to anyone else?!), and unintentionally creating crossovers when I hit my morning snack time.

So, if you want a great coffee treat to go with your E breakfasts or just an overall lower caloric drink, try the second version of this recipe. I prefer the first for the lusciousness of heavy whipping cream, but the stripped down version is still good and is so much kinder to my waistline!

The secret ingredient in the second version is the collagen. It adds a good creamy factor without adding any fat! Collagen is quite a wonder food, for it can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and varicose veins (seriously– a scoop in my coffee every day for a month made a HUGE difference in my legs!), improve cellulite, and alleviate joint pain. It’s a great addition to your beauty/fitness/health routine!

Low Carb Caramel Iced Coffee

8-9 ounces strongly brewed coffee

Glass filled with ice cubes

1-1.5 dropperfuls of Trader Joe’s liquid stevia

1/8-1/4 tsp caramel extract

1-2 Tbl heavy whipping cream

Add stevia, extract, and cream to hot coffee, stir well. Pour over ice and enjoy!

I hardest thing for me is to drink this with a meal. I love to savor my coffee, even when it’s cold, so I have to try hard to not turn this into a sipper!

Low Carb, Low Fat Caramel Iced Coffee

8-9 ounces strongly brewed coffee

Glass filled with ice cubes

1-1.5 dropperfuls of Trader Joe’s liquid stevia

1/8-1/4 tsp caramel extract

1-2 Tbl powdered collagen

1-2 Tbl fat free half and half

Add collagen to hot coffee and stir vigorously until completely dissolved. Sometimes I even put the coffee in the microwave, as the collagen dissolves better when the coffee is piping hot. You can also try mixing it with a fork or tossing it in the blender and giving it a whirl for a second (although this method can create some serious foam).

Add stevia, extract, and half and half to hot coffee, stir well. Pour over ice and enjoy!


What’s your favorite way to drink coffee?

I’d love to hear your recipes in the comments! 



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