My Trim Healthy Pregnancy- 14 Weeks

14 weeks againI love reading THM pregnancy stories! So many of those women are amazing in their healthy weight gain, awesome non-scale victories, and unstoppable with their energy levels! I would love for that to be me, but we’ll see how it goes! This is my super-honest story on this THM pregnancy, but feel free to skip down to first trimester tips if you’re just looking for some pregnancy ideas.

Here’s a quick recap of my first pregnancy, my first trimester of my second pregnancy, tips to survive the first trimester the THM-way, and my goals for this baby-growing season. If you’re pregnant, too, I’d love to hear your story in the comments and see a bump pic if you want to share!!

My First Pregnancy

This is my second pregnancy and also my second on plan pregnancy. I discovered the Trim Healthy Mama plan right before I found out that I was pregnant with my first, and the book arrived at my house the day after I had a positive pregnancy test.

With my first, I didn’t gain much in the first trimester, and I think it’s mainly because it took me a while to figure this plan out! If I wasn’t sure what to eat, I would hold off from eating until I could figure it out! Yikes! Not always the best way to feed a growing belly…

Overall, I ended up gaining 38 pounds with Emma. I lost 18 immediately after delivery, but I know that 10 of those pounds came directly from falling hard off the THM bandwagon in my 9th+ month of pregnancy (she was 9 days late). Not surprisingly, I felt AWFUL that last month. Overall (as in, when I stayed on plan), I felt great! I didn’t have any lower extremity edema (leg swelling) until 38 weeks, and then I only had it after working 12 hour shifts on my feet. I also lost 18 pounds immediately with delivery. I lost the rest of weight easily when I restarted THM 2 months post partum, and I was back to prepregnancy weight by six months.

My Second (Current) Pregnancy

With Little Lowe #2, I started at my dream goal weight. You know, that goal weight that you always wanted but is tough to get to cuz you have to fight those stubborn last 3-5 pounds? I felt really great all spring and started the THM Workins exercise dvds and made some tweaks to my diet to get down to that dreamy goal weight (future post coming with tips and tricks to blasting away those stubborn last 5 pounds!). YAY!!!

And before getting preggers, I felt incredible! Like, really, really, really good! I had tons of energy, I felt really comfortable in my own skin, and I was physically stronger (thank you, Workins!).

And then I got pregnant….

Side note, we are so thankful and sooooo excited for this baby! I can’t wait to cuddle this sweet little one, and for now I like to think that I’m hugging this wee babe when I “secure” with the Workins.

But I have felt awful. All. The. Time.

I have been on plan about 95% of the time, had hardly any energy, and gained 6 pounds by 14 weeks. The nausea has not been as bad as it was with my first, but my energy levels and frequent headaches have been much worse. With my first, I felt much better by 12 weeks and like I wasn’t pregnant (except for that growing belly) for most of the second trimester. With this lil one, it’s like he or she is saying, “Pay attention to me!” all the time. 😛

My symptoms started almost as soon as we found out that I was pregnant and are still pretty evident at 14 weeks. I think emotionally it was hard, too, because I felt so good before getting pregnant, I was eating on plan, and still felt exhausted!

I’m hoping that this trimester will get better! Until then, I’m thankful that this baby is letting me drink iced coffee (still can’t drink hot coffee, but I had given it up completely for two months, so this is a wonderful surprise!). It’s amazing how much motivation I can find in a nice cup of iced coffee… and a new coffee recipe that’s coming soon! And I’m trying to be thankful that my 6 pound gain isn’t more than that, but it is weird to see the scale going up after working on weight loss for so long!

I’m trying to tell myself that it’s worth it to stay on plan even if it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. Surely it is, right, friends?

First Trimester Tips

So, here’s a few things that seemed to help out a bit in the first trimester. Basically, survival is the name of the game, but maybe some of these little things will help you, too!

  1. First Tri Foods to Try For Nausea :
  • Sprouted toast with butter (sometimes I could tolerate one scrambled egg for protein)
  • Handful of salted, roasted almonds and sprouted rosemary and olive oil crackers
  • A crossover
  • Zevia Ginger Ale or Cola (I lived in Haiti for a year and would drink Coke with a packet of electrolytes when I had typhoid, so in my mind, cola helps nausea)
  • Ginger green tea
  • I would try Good Girl Moonshine if you can, but I’m allergic to apple cider vinegar so  sadly that’s not an option for me

2. Foods to Try To Combat Fatigue:

  • Chia seeds– seriously, I was shocked how much this helped!!! I found a natural peanut butter at Aldi that had chia seeds and flaxseed in it, and it made a great snack on a brown rice cake topped with blueberries!
  • Keep those E meals and crossovers coming!
  • These Lactation Bites are not just for nursing mommies– they’re full of great things for energy! I was out of flaxseed, so I subbed ground chia seeds. You can switch the honey for an on-plan sweetner, but I decreased the amount of honey and kept it in for extra, instant energy (haha, maybe this is part of why I gained more than I wanted to in the first trimester!). Brewer’s yeast is full of B vitamins, which are vital for good energy levels!
  • Iced coffee if the baby will let you! However, it is recommended that you keep your caffeine intake down to two cups of coffee a day or less to reduce the risk of miscarriage!

3. Get more rest! Yah, I know that this is easier said than done, but do the best you can. This wasn’t really optional for me… it just kind of happened to me! I went from sleeping 7 hours a night to needing 9-10 hours of sleep a day overnight! Here’s a few ways that we rested more and made time for more sleep:

  • Move up everyone’s bedtime by 30 minutes! I have a two year old and a hubby who loves to get up early (like 4am crazy early), so this was easy to implement in my house. And I am so thankful this worked for us!
  • Sleep in an extra 20-30 minutes if you can. If you work outside the home, try moving something from your morning routine to the night before, like your shower. Pick out your clothes the night before, make breakfasts and lunches that can be prepared ahead, get everything ready for the morning that you can. I had been getting up crazy early with my hubs and quickly realized that I just needed the extra sleep.
  • Take a 20 minute power nap at lunch time. Ever since I was little (sorry, mom! Haha, now as a momma myself, I realize how precious naptime is!), I’ve hated taking naps. Weird, I know, but it’s always been hard for me. Not with this pregnancy! I lay down, tell my mind to rest, and before I know it, I’ve drooled and the alarm is going off! It’s been such a help!
  • Be okay with a little less than normal. By less, I mean let the heavy cleaning and DSC_0021.JPGhousekeeping slide a bit. I keep telling myself that the bare minimum is just fine right now! Yay for crock pot meals, simple suppers (check these out if you need ideas), and cleaning the bathrooms every other week! Sorry in advance if you come visit! Here’s a pic of this in action featuring my baby belly and messy kitchen, with a candid shot of me making peach cobbler!
  •  Remind yourself that this is temporary. I keep trying to tell myself that this crazy fatigue is not how I will feel forever… maybe for the next few years, but not for the rest of my life!

My Pregnancy Plan

Moving forward, I have a few goals:

  1. Join a 30-day, no-cheat challenge. I know that this is good for me, but sometimes I need a little extra accountability! Let me know if you wanna join me!
  2. Focus on being thankful! Sorry if this post is a bit of a Debbie-Downer story; I’m working on thinking about all that I can be thankful for and praise God for (Phil. 4:9).
  3. With a slight increase in energy, I plan to do my THM Workins dvds 4 times a week.

What are your current health and fitness goals? How can we encourage each other to stay on track? Do you have any tips that totally helped your first trimester?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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