This momma is hungry! :D

This momma likes to eat, but even more than that, I’m hungry to live life to the full and have that abundant life in Jesus that He promises! Some days, I want so full of the wonderful possibilities available and I’m chock full of optimism and fun ideas of how I’m going to craft fun into every day and every interaction. I know there will be days where I hafta tackle that mountain of laundry or mop up a river of coffee spilled by my toddler, but I am choosing to be intentional every day as I seek to pursue the dreams He gives me. I want to give up the illusion of a problem free life (Jesus Calling) but I choose to trust in a powerful God who has amazing plans for us and sooooo much grace to share with others. As I crunch and munch my way through the day, I want to keep on track for the Kingdom and work towards intentionally sharing grace. I commit to raising early with accountability, training my darling child to walk in His ways, and turning all of my actions towards the Kingdom. I want to do my morning going SAVERS, eat well and nutritiously, love others well, add value with what I create, travel to share grace, be financially free to serve wherever and whenever, to speak of His grace comfortably in various tongues, to know and love my neighbor, and to dance in my blue dress or black jeans. I’m hungry for big dreams, big pursuits, and big stories of adventure and grace every day!


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